Best Practices for Creating a More Secure Warehouse

Like most business owners, you’re always looking for ways to improve warehouse productivity, efficiency and safety. Learn about some of the key components of keeping your warehouse secure and find tips for improving your security plan. The Big Picture On Your Warehouse As any facility manager knows, your warehouse is home to a lot of [...]

Should Pallet Racks Be Bolted to the Floor?

When working in warehouses, safety is, of course, a paramount concern. Bolting pallet racks are one way to improve warehouse safety for all workers. What Is Pallet Racking? Since their patent in the 1940s, warehouse pallet racking has been used in the industrial sector to maximize storage space and improve product selectivity. Today, it is [...]

Inspecting Your Pallet Racking System

Pallet racking systems are used in warehouses and distribution centers to store and organize pallets or large containers. Because of the size and weight of pallets, safety is incredibly relevant, and absolutely crucial. Inspections are part of every warehouse’s standard safety program. In North America, the law stipulates that company management is responsible for providing [...]

10 Warehouse Operations Best Practices

Warehouse operations are a very important part of any company’s business flow. To ensure that a company ships and receives stock in time to fulfill orders, efficient warehouse operations must be put in place. By initializing best practices, companies can cut time and costs, thus influencing better operations. Here are 10 of the best practices [...]

Expanding Oil Distributor Calls on CWS

Midwest oil distributor Rilco, Inc. is expanding their footprint in the Chicago market and the Midwest. As they have purchased additional warehouse space, CWS has provided the pallet racking needed to maximize space efficiency. As they continue to grow CWS will be on top of their warehouse and material handling needs.

CWS Completes 4 Distribution Centers for Major Cell Phone Provider

One of the nation’s largest cell service providers has restructured their national service center network and CWS was their first call to make this happen! These four new distribution centers are centrally located around the Midwest to strategically meet the needs of their technical work force. CWS provided a turn key solution from CAD layouts, […]