How To Reduce Warehouse Inventory Shrinkage

Whether due to errors in fulfillment or theft, shrinkage can eat into profits and leave businesses struggling to stay afloat. And yet, many business owners don’t realize how much inventory shrinkage affects their bottom line. For example, the average reported shrinkage rate for just eCommerce businesses was 1.62% of their annual sales. For an eCommerce [...]

Label Everything and Other Warehouse Tips

Warehouse inventory management is more than just the practice of arranging your inventory so that it can be found quickly, it’s about maximizing productivity while saving time and money to increase inventory accuracy. For example, some practices like labeling are intuitive and can be done without the use of software. But practices like using barcodes [...]

How To Avoid 8 Common Warehouse Issues

To those on the outside looking into the world of logistics, it might be hard to understand that warehousing is more complicated than it seems. After all, how difficult is it to put something on a shelf? Those who work in the industry understand that it takes hard work and know-how to do it right. [...]

The Versatility of a Great Racking System

Warehouse racking and storage systems provide the ideal product throughput based on your warehouse needs. Looking for the ideal storage system for your distribution center? Or, maybe seeking to remove the bulk product from your floors and transform your warehouse? All can be accomplished with a versatile warehouse racking solution. With the right solutions, you'll [...]

Micro-Fulfillment and Modular Warehouses

What’s with all the hype with micro-fulfillment? How can automated solutions propel warehouses to the next level? With the continuous rise in online consumer spending and e-commerce fulfillment, more warehouses and distribution centers are turning towards AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval systems) technologies to serve, meet, and expand the demands of their business. These technologies, [...]

Cause of a Stockout

First, what is a stockout? In today’s fast-moving marketplace, supply shortages can be caused by any number of factors within the supply chain. A stockout, however, refers specifically to a product being unavailable at the point of retail (whether in-store or online). No matter where in the supply chain the shortage happens, the customer experience [...]

What Is Sustainable Shipping?

Sustainable shipping is a way of approaching shipping and warehouse practices with the primary goal of lessening the environmental impact of moving goods. Some sustainable shipping practices include: More efficient packaging to reduce waste Recycled or compostable packaging Aggregating shipments so customers receive packages on a reduced schedule Decreasing time in transit (TNT) to lower [...]

Commercial Drones in Warehouses

It comes to no one's surprise that shipping times have dropped dramatically as new advents in technology came along through the years. Instead of months, packages could appear at your door in a matter of weeks once automobiles became the norm. Overnight airmail helped slash the timeframe into days. Now drones could turn those days [...]

Wearable Technology For Warehouse Workers

Like many other industries, warehousing is being completely transformed by advances in technology and new workplace trends. And where warehousing goes, related spaces like retail, supply chain management, and transportation will follow. The capabilities of warehouses to store, organize, track, pick and pack, and ship out inventory determine how efficient and effective the world’s biggest [...]

Warehouses of the Future

The needs of warehouses are changing rapidly as mega-retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart continue to upend both traditional and e-commerce spaces. Even smaller businesses are recognizing the benefit—if not the outright need—of utilizing the warehouse space that a company like Amazon provides, and thus their future is wrapped up in the future of warehouse technology [...]