Benefits of Adding a Mezzanine to Your Warehouse

If you are thinking of changing up warehouses or getting stuck thinking you don’t have enough room there could be a very simple answer to your problem. There are many ways to utilize the vertical spaces in your warehouse and one of those would be to add a mezzanine.

A mezzanine is a customizable elevated platform that can go on top of any other pallet racking system you have installed. It doesn’t have to take up the whole floor, only a small portion, and it can be accessed by a couple of levels of stairs. The mezzanine can be made from a couple of different things depending on what works better within your warehouse, roll-formed or structured steel, and can also have customizable flooring as well. When using a mezzanine, it could help take the worry away of not having enough room and can come with a great handful of benefits.

Expands Your Space

Adding a mezzanine to your warehouse can be crucial if you are running low on square footage. It is able to add a whole new floor to your warehouse and if you already have tall ceilings this may be a no-brainer to add to your building. You would still be able to hold things underneath, all while continuing to store products up top as well.


This can also be cost-effective if you are thinking about buying a bigger warehouse or wanting to construct more room onto the one you already own. Installing a mezzanine may turn out to be much cheaper and save you all the time and stress of buying a new building.


While your warehouse may just be a square or rectangle building, when it comes to getting a mezzanine, you are able to customize it to whatever size and height you need it. It can also be easy to add to it or move it later down if you choose to.

A mezzanine can be pretty easy and fast to install on top of your filled floor and you can still use whatever pallet racking system you were already using down below. The pieces it is made out of and the flooring of the new warehouse story can all be picked out by you to make sure you are giving your products the proper requirements they may need to sit on.

While stairs may be common to put on a mezzanine, there are also other options as well. If you need to get moving equipment up there you can choose to add a lift gate or a pallet drop zone as well.

In the end, if you are finding that you’re quickly losing space within your warehouse and know your inventory is going to grow, stop looking at new properties or construction. Simply adding a mezzanine on top of your already existing floor can add so much more square footage for your products and continue to be grown and moved with the way your business grows and moves.