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CWS offers solutions for all of your pallet racking needs. With a broad array of configurations, you can rely on us to provide quality wire decks that perform wherever you need them. As the industry leader, we are able to stock a greater selection of styles and sizes that are ready to ship on your schedule. Each of our deck styles can be engineered to the exact sizes and capacities that you need. We offer solutions to support unique point and line loads that ensure safety and longevity.

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As a trusted partner across the United States, we are proud to manufacture our heavy duty racking warehouse racking systems like cantilever and selective pallet racks, drive-in and drive-thru racking systems, push-back and pallet flow racks and more, right here in the US. Our racking solutions can also be easily paired with our Heartland Steel Products for expedited, one-stop-shopping, to ensure you get your products delivered, fast.

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