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Shelving System for Warehouse Space

A shelving system is an essential component of any warehouse. It is used to store products, tools, and other equipment. Installing the correct shelving system is crucial to optimize the storage space available and ensure that the warehouse operates efficiently. Optimize Storage Space One of the most significant advantages of installing the correct shelving system [...]

The Importance of a Warehouse Racking System

When it comes to a warehouse, the most important aspect is the racking system. The right warehouse racking system will ensure that the products are stored safely and that the warehouse operates efficiently. Installing the correct warehouse racking system is essential to optimize storage space, improve inventory management, and prevent accidents. Optimize Storage Space A [...]

Press Release: Complete Warehouse Supply Expands Operations And Welcomes New Team Members

With the Warehouse Racking Market trending up, Complete Warehouse Supply adds new jobs to accommodate increased customer demand for selective pallet racks, push-back racks, drive-in racks and more. "At Complete Warehouse Supply, we're seeing tremendous growth in the warehouse racking industry," said Dustin McGuire, CEO, Complete Warehouse Supply. "As a premier pallet rack supplier to [...]

Latest Warehouse Industry Trends

The warehouse industry plays a critical role in the supply chain and logistics of businesses of all sizes. Warehouses serve as storage facilities for raw materials, finished goods, and other inventory items, and are responsible for ensuring that these items are properly stored, protected, and distributed. Overview of the Warehouse Industry The warehouse industry has [...]

Trends and Innovations In The Warehouse Racking Industry

The global warehouse racking industry is a thriving and dynamic sector that plays an important role in the logistics and supply chain management of many businesses. As the demand for efficient and effective storage solutions continues to grow, the industry is constantly evolving and innovating to meet the needs of customers. Here are some of [...]

Micro-Fulfillment and Modular Warehouses

What’s with all the hype with micro-fulfillment? How can automated solutions propel warehouses to the next level? With the continuous rise in online consumer spending and e-commerce fulfillment, more warehouses and distribution centers are turning towards AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval systems) technologies to serve, meet, and expand the demands of their business. These technologies, [...]

Cause of a Stockout

First, what is a stockout? In today’s fast-moving marketplace, supply shortages can be caused by any number of factors within the supply chain. A stockout, however, refers specifically to a product being unavailable at the point of retail (whether in-store or online). No matter where in the supply chain the shortage happens, the customer experience [...]

Complete Warehouse Supply Adds Warehouse Safety Products to In-Stock and Ready-to-Ship Inventory

Always adapting to meet the increased demand for warehouse shelving and storage solutions, Complete Warehouse Supply now sells Heartland Steel Products. These new warehouse safety products include safety guardrails, bollards and more. Orders can be made directly through its online store or with a Complete Warehouse Supply representative. ST. LOUIS, December 15, 2021- "At Complete [...]

Latest Warehouse Trends

Pallet Rack Upright Capacity We’ve covered pallet rack beam capacity and how to make sure you’re getting strong enough beams for your application. Pallet rack frame capacity works a little differently. How so? Unlike beam capacity, upright frame capacity can change. This is because the weight-bearing length of an upright frame column can change depending [...]

Expanding Oil Distributor Calls on CWS

Midwest oil distributor Rilco, Inc. is expanding their footprint in the Chicago market and the Midwest. As they have purchased additional warehouse space, CWS has provided the pallet racking needed to maximize space efficiency. As they continue to grow CWS will be on top of their warehouse and material handling needs.