Deciding the Right Pallets for Your Warehouse

One of the most important parts of keeping your warehouse running smoothly is how you decide to utilize pallets. Depending on what your warehouse is mainly used for and what it may have on its shelves can change what kind of pallet racking system you have. This can also change what kind of pallets you are using in general.

When you are choosing both your pallet racking system and the pallets themselves, you want to be paying attention to how it can optimize your workspace. This can help create more inventory room, ship products out faster, and keep your products safer. Pallet racking has become a very customizable task for warehouses and that goes for picking out which pallets to use as well. There are many out there that could best fit your needs. Such as wood, plastic, and even metal.

Wood Pallets

Wood pallets could be considered the more common pallet that is found in warehouse work since they can be extremely beneficial. They can be light and affordable as well as repairable. Within your desired pallet racking system, wood pallets can be just what you need.

Wood pallets can be perfect for sealed or non-biodegradable items such as a lot of grocery items. They can be seen in many grocery stores and places where the wood is of no issue to the products it may be holding. If you are questioning using wood pallets in your racking system, think about if the items you will be putting on it have any bacteria or chemical contamination. Wood can easily be harmed by those things, along with bugs. If not though, wood pallets can be a great affordable and easy pallet choice.

Metal Pallets

While metal pallets are definitely not a common one used in warehouses, it does still come with its benefits. They are able to withstand great weights and will not break down as easily over time. Metal pallets are very commonly made with aluminum or steel. With steel pallets, it could be great for products that need a closed environment and have the possibility of rusting.

Metal pallets are pricier than wood or plastic pallets may be, however, they do bring a certain stiffness, sanitary sense, and strength that could be extremely beneficial to your warehouse.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets have been increasingly more popular over the years, however, they come with many questions and concerns if you are planning out your racking system. Plastic pallets could have potential problems with heat or changing shape from too much pressure. They can take over a thousand pounds of weight, however, over time it could become an issue. Of course, if there is an immense amount of heat hitting the plastic, it could cause it to melt and have problems down the road. Fortunately, if you are looking for an addition to your pallet racking system that is indoor or outdoor, easy to clean, lightweight, and moisture-free, plastic may be a good choice for you.

Whatever system your warehouse does choose to do, it is important that it is made for the type of atmosphere you are in and the product that will be on them.