How Keeping a Clean Warehouse can Keep You Safe

While there are many ways to help keep your warehouse safe for you and your employees, we must not forget the basics. Those can be a great addition to your warehouse and can bring many benefits, but there are some ways to keep your workers safe that you may be forgetting. Keeping your warehouse properly cleaned and in tip-top shape can be a huge factor in keeping your workers safe.
Cleaning may definitely not be your first idea on safety, but it shouldn’t slip your mind. With all the moving parts that come with operating a warehouse, it can easily get messy if it is not properly handled. This could lead to many mishaps in your building and to the possibility of your workers getting hurt. Thinking of an ideal cleaning arrangement can help ensure that your workers and yourself are safe.

The Benefits to Cleaning

With busy day-to-day in a warehouse setting, the upkeep around the floor and shelving may not be the first priority. Getting your products organized or shipped out may be the first thing on your workers’ minds, but to be able to do those things properly, they must be able to do it without fail.
If trash or boxes are laying around the floor, it could get in the way of people walking or trying to use the proper machinery. A forklift or cart won’t be able to maneuver properly down the halls if there is debris in the way. A simple wrap of plastic on the floor could cause a forklift to spin out or jam and for the person inside the machine, it could be dangerous. This can be similar if the halls are slippery or unclean. Your workers could slip or trip on the floor and hurt themselves while trying to get the job done. By keeping your warehouse clean, you could help prevent this.

Getting Clean

In the training process of your workers, you could be teaching cleaning rules along with everything else. By teaching your workers to clean on the go or to go by a cleaning schedule, it could help keep them on track. The simple logic of picking up your own trash could help against a future sprained ankle.
With a cleaning schedule, you can have certain cleaning jobs set for specific times and people. This can help get the job done more efficiently and keep accountability in your workforce. There can even be a rule enforced to clean up your own mess before you leave for your shift.
To help keep workers’ shins, machinery, and even your industrial shelving safe, you can attach barriers to the ends and corners of your shelving and racking systems.
Giving your workers access to the cleaning tools necessary can also help the process of cleaning be easier for them. This could just mean having empty trash or recycle bins ready, cleaning spray, or wipes nearby.
Cleaning may not be something at the forefront of your mind when it comes to proper safety conditions, but it can make a huge difference. You could see workers being more productive and more tasks being done if the warehouse is cleaned properly.