Inspecting Your Pallet Racking System

Pallet racking systems are used in warehouses and distribution centers to store and organize pallets or large containers. Because of the size and weight of pallets, safety is incredibly relevant, and absolutely crucial. Inspections are part of every warehouse’s standard safety program.

In North America, the law stipulates that company management is responsible for providing a safe workplace to their employees. Putting workers at risk of injury can expose employers to serious liability in case of an accident.

Despite the demands of your daily operations, it’s critical that your racking systems maintain their full integrity over time.

Between forklift damage, incorrect construction and improper installation, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your pallet racking systems.

Regular inspection of pallets for broken or fractured planks or stringers, protruding nails, and missing support blocks is essential. Damaged pallets can cause loading and unloading problems; for example, loose stringers can get hung up on the pallet racks, which can cause loads to fall from high positions. Also, faulty pallets can cause obstruction problems in flow systems by jamming certain pallet rack designs.

To ensure secure pallet racking, inspect the following components on a regular basis:

  • Anti-collapse mesh
  • Beams
  • Beam locks
  • Bracing
  • Column guards
  • Decking
  • Floor fixing anchors
  • Foot plates
  • Front and rear posts
  • Load notices and labels
  • Shims

The beams are especially important, as they tend to bear the brunt of forklift damage. Keep an eye out for deflection or bending beams. It’s normal to find some level of deflection, but if your racks are overloaded, the beams will show extreme bending. This is a sign that you need to reposition or remove the load after ensuring the beam’s integrity.

There’s no clear regulation on the frequency of inspections. It should vary based on the speed at which pallet rack-related issues arise in your warehouse. As a general rule, most experts and governing bodies agree to recommend monthly assessments done by warehouse personnel, and yearly independent inspections performed by third party rack experts or engineers.

We hope this doesn’t happen, but during your pallet racking system inspection, you may repairs need to be made and other issues that must be rectified.

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