Keeping Your Warehouse Cool in the Summer

Some is here and so is the heat! While the weather may only seem to affect people, it can affect the places we work as well. Hot weather can affect buildings, warehouses, mechanical tools, and the worth ethic of employees. It is important to take into account the weather when you are building your warehouse.

Heat has the way of sneaking its way into warehouses and in the end, it could cause trouble. The heat in your building may cause inventory to be destroyed, or even affect your racking systems as well. On top of the fine workings of your warehouse, it will affect your workers and could cause a decrease in their efficiency. Whatever it might do, it is important to be one step ahead and take care of your warehouse and your workers.

Cold Storage

If your warehouse has cold storage and has foods or products that will go bad if it is in the heat for too long, you will want to make sure you are covered. Keeping your warehouse cold, having the products insulated. and having backup generators for your cold storage if something were to ever happen to ensure the product’s safety.
Even if it might not even be too hot out, it is still important to keep checking your cold storage every so often to make sure everything is running properly.

Check Your Supplies

Not all warehouse supplies are treated equally. This means that some of them may not be cut out for the hot weather to come. If you see that as your warehouse gets hotter, your labels start to fade or even roll upon themselves, you should look into labels that withstand the heat.
Thermal transfer labels may be the best for this. They have a thick protective layer on them that helps them stay in their true form and not fade even in the highest of temperatures.

Open Rack Shelving

If you are in an area that is hot more than it’s not, or you know your summers will be harsh, investing in open rack shelving can be the way to go. Using warehouse shelving like wire shelving or cantilever rack systems can be a great way to store those products that may be heat sensitive. They have better ventilation and can help keep the heat and humanity away.

Your Employees

Your employees are what makes the warehouse work and function. You don’t want them to get dehydrated or overheated while working. Keeping in mind their health and well-being can be very important. This can mean putting out water bubbler stations around the warehouse, installing air conditioners throughout your warehouse, or putting dehumidifiers around the building. Dehumidifiers will help keep the heat and humidity away. Keeping your workers happy can keep the workflow steady and the morale high.