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Pallet rack damage happens, commonly due to accidental impact from forklifts. Upon identification of a damaged rack section the structure should be isolated, and a qualified rack engineer should evaluate the system. Occasionally, compromised rack will require a complete replacement, but often times they can be fixed with a simple repair kit.

Whether it be custom fabrication or repair kits, you can depend on CWS to safely resolve the issue and give you peace of mind. While damages can sometimes be overlooked or neglected, a delayed response can lead to compounding issues that may affect the integrity of your rack and in worst-case scenarios, lead to complete failure. It is of utmost importance that damages receive immediate attention in order to maintain safe working conditions.

You may also consider incorporating a variety of isle protectors and guard rails to avoid future damages. Complete our Quote Request Form below or call us directly at (800) 679-3170 to discuss your repair options.

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