Pallet Racking Safety

Depending on what kind of warehouse you own and what organization tool you are using, can determine how you keep your warehouse safe. Within a warehouse, there are many moving pieces and sometimes there can be products on pallet racking two or three stories high. It can be important to remember that within those circumstances, you need to keep your product and workers safe and able to work at their best abilities.

There are many ways to keep your pallet racking system safe and working operationally. Things you may not have even considered could be putting your workers at risk. To make sure your warehouse is both running smoothly and safely, take frequent walks about to ensure all of what you are doing within the warehouse is beneficial. As well as your workers and products, your equipment could also get damaged if the proper safety precautions are not taken.

Safety Guards

One thing you may not think about a lot is how the racks and columns of our pallet racking systems could cause damage to our equipment. The ends of the rows could be susceptible to hits and bending with large equipment, light forklifts and other moving machinery. If these racks are damaged in any way, it could cause the whole system to become less stable and possible destruction of your products.

There are guards for the end of the pallet racking row. These look like curved pieces of hard plastic that can be drilled into the ground below them. With it being drilled into the floor, there is a less likely result of it moving. These curved edges are able to block any collision with a piece of machinery and keep both the shelf and the machine safe.

Extra Precaution

It is never a bad thing to be too safe or too prepared for anything that could happen. As secure as you believe your pallet racking system is, there are always ways to add to it and create a safer environment for your workers.

One of these additions could be a safety net behind your pallets and product. This can be extremely beneficial if you have more than one level of racking and have product high in the air. These safety nets are usually placed on the backside of the pallet or even on top to protect from anything that could fall.

Another way to help the product from falling or being pushed back too far would be a pallet stopper. These are simple pieces of metal on your pallets that can help ensure that your product isn’t going to fall backward and that you have a good amount of room between the shelving and the wall.

Wire Decking

While this option may take some time to install, it can be a great way to keep your warehouse safer without having to think about it. Replacing the bottoms and sides of your pallet racking system with wire decking can help ensure that no product is going to fall, move, or harm the other product around it.

One of the main goals when owning a warehouse is to keep your products, workers, and building safe from any issues that could arise. Setting up the proper precautions around your warehouse could help against stress later down the road.