Teaching Warehouse Employees Safe Procedures

When working in a warehouse it can bring a slew of unknown factors and safety hazards if work is not done properly. The last thing your warehouse and business needs is an employee in pain or something going wrong within the building itself. This is why proper training and understanding come into play.
When you first hire employees or even every six months or so, a safety meeting could be something incredibly beneficial not only to the newbies but to refresh your workers’ minds. Speaking on proper techniques on lifting, using machinery, or maneuvering around the warehouse could save from a lot of stress later down the road.

Lifting is Key

Your employees are going to be lifting products almost every day. This could vary from extremely heavy objects to even a box full of pillows. Whatever it might be, however, it is important that they are lifting correctly and keeping themselves safe while doing so. This can lead to fewer injuries and even a faster productivity rate as they lift without having to think about it first.

Is it Too Heavy?

Everyone is going to want to showcase their strengths and pretend they are some type of superhuman, but sometimes it can cause a negative outcome. If a box, product, or pallet is too heavy for a worker to pick up by themselves or with help, make sure they have options.
This could mean giving them access to machines like forklifts, dollies, or rolling mats. If they are able to have access to these, they won’t feel the need to strain too hard and hurt themselves to bring the product from location to location. Utilizing a forklift, properly, of course, can be a great way to save time while also keeping your workers safe.

Proper Techniques

Lifting could seem pretty generic and obvious to most people but if it is done wrong, it can cause serious bodily injury for a lifetime. To be able to lift properly there are some key steps to keep in mind.

  • Bend at the knees.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Lift with your legs.

If these steps are listened to properly, your workers will be less likely to injure their back or arms.
The worker should be level with the object itself before lifting, this can help against bending their back too much. On top of that, ensuring that their back is straight will keep them sturdy and stronger against the heavy object. Lifting with the legs can also help against back injuries as the legs are much stronger than the back itself.

Utilizing Tools

Utilizing tools like how machinery could be helpful in these situations, there are some helpful pieces workers can wear to keep them safe. This could look like a pair of grip gloves so they are not hurting their hands while lifting products of the pallet racking. It could also look like a back brace belt as well. These are very commonly worn by workers to ensure their back stays straight and has extra support behind it while lifting things.
In the end, it is all about keeping your workers safe within the warehouse. Whatever extra steps may be necessary to keep them safe could be the difference between sore workers and faster productivity.