What Cantilever Racking Can Do For Your Warehouse

There are many different types of pallet racking used within warehouses these days. Depending on what your business is or what you may be storing in your warehouse can change the setup and choices you make. Different pallet racking systems can be better for some items and worse for others. That is where the option for choices comes into play.
One of those choices could be to pick cantilever racking. This is very different from other racking systems but can offer a good amount of benefits if it works for you. It can take a closer understanding of your warehouse and your business’s goals to really understand what racking system is good for you.

Items You Can Store On It

All the different racking systems for warehouses are there for a purpose. To be beneficial in their own way and make storage easier and take up as little room as possible. That goes the same for cantilever racking.
With cantilever racking, there are some specific things to think about before choosing this system. One of those questions can be what exactly you are going to put on it. How long is the product?
How tall is the product? Questions like these could help narrow down if it is a good choice.
Cantilever racking could be considered a great system if you are planning to house lumber or plumbing supplies like pipes as the shelving is open and can handle longer products.

The Benefits

Cantilever racking is a very flexible form of racking. You are able to customize the height and angle of the arms to hold the product since there are no actual shelves. This could help hold more products while also saving space within your warehouse.
This can also make it easier to load and unload products when your workers need to. Leading to less handling time and higher productivity.
Shelving like this is perfect for strangely shaped objects or pieces where you really can’t fit them on normal pallet racking systems.

Things to Keep in Mind

Comparative to other floor racking options, cantilever racking may take a larger amount of money out of your wallet to install. This is because the system needs to be designed and customized to your wall and moved to the way you need it. You have the option to then buy more arms when you need them and that can grow costs as well.

Types of Cantilever Racking

There are a few different types of cantilever racking to keep in mind before purchasing.
One to consider would be the i-beam system. This is a form of freestanding racks that can be as tall as 20 feet. They can also hold up to 20,000 pounds of products.
Next, light-duty cantilever racking can be great if you don’t have access to a forklift and can grab products by hand. Each arm of a light-duty cantilever can hold up to 500 pounds.
Lastly, structural cantilever racking could be considered the most common choice. This type of shelving is made out of steel and can withstand heavy-duty products and weights. It can also be used indoors or outdoors.
Like any choice you are going to make for your business, choosing a proper racking system will take some time to figure out. In the end, pick one that will most benefit you and your products in the long run.