Which Industrial Shelving Is Right For Your Warehouse

With the correct shelving hardware, you can effectively organize and display commonly picked items in a way that makes them easily accessible. Without the proper shelving hardware, your warehouse can become a tangled mess.

The proper shelving can help you maximize the space without the need for a costly warehouse expansion. If you require industrial shelving, there are several types you can choose that will fit your needs. The most common types of industrial shelving are steel shelving, rivet shelving, wire shelving, and dynamic shelving.

Steel Shelving

Steel shelving is the most common industrial shelving on the market today. It is usually the easiest to assemble and is widely used across different industries. If you are considering steel shelving, keep the weight of your items in mind. Steel is best for heavier loads, so that it may be too much for lighter or smaller items.

Rivet Shelving

Rivet shelving is very cost-effective and extremely easy to assemble without tools. Like steel shelving, rivet shelving works well for heavier loads and high-density storage applications. However, rivet shelving isn’t as customizable as steel shelving. If you’re looking for a simple and easy shelving system and not looking to accessorize with dividers, drawers, or other add-ons, rivet shelving might be your best option.

Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving is more lightweight compared to steel shelving and rivet shelving. You can mount wire shelving on casters to create a mobile shelving unit because it’s so lightweight. It is also mold and rust-resistant, and it won’t collect dust, which can be important if someone is looking for cleanliness. It’s primarily used in warehouses and retail backrooms, but you can also use it in your home due to its versatility. Wire shelving is also a great option when it comes to fire code concerns because of its very open design.

Dynamic Shelving

Dynamic shelving is unique. You can move the shelving system within the rack, making the shelves dynamic (hence the name). The shelves are lightweight but still rugged and robust. The shelves are also mold, fire, and rust-resistant, making them ideal for environments where cleanliness is essential. Dynamic shelving is compatible with pallet racks, and due to its lightweight material, you can install the shelving system to structure or suspect it from track systems. It’s a very versatile shelving system.

If you want to dramatically increase storage density, dynamic shelving is the option for you. It is ideal for high-density storage applications with slower-moving products.

After you decide on your shelving system, you can create either a multi-level approach that allows you to expand your warehouse’s capacity with little overhead costs.

You can choose to arrange your shelves in an open unit. An open unit works wells for warehouses with high-volume. The shelving helps make re-stocking much easier.

Or you could choose to arrange your shelves in a closed unit. A closed unit is helpful when storing food items or perishables. Closed units can also prevent hazards like open-air contamination.

When setting up your warehouse, storage is key, and finding the right shelving system that works for you could be the difference in making a profit. Shelving can be a simple storage solution or a vital picking situation for employees to do their job effectively. This blog can be a resource to help you determine which industrial shelving system will work best for you.