Why Should You Consider Combo Pallets

There are many different materials to choose from when thinking about which pallets to use. Many times, the choice will be made in answer to what your inventory will be or where your warehouse is located. Weather, product, and warehouse size can have a huge impact on what type of pallet system you choose. The question of sustainability may also be on your mind when choosing pallets.

If sustainability and cost are involved in your choice, then wooden pallets may already be an answer in your mind. However, it doesn’t have to stop there. Wooden pallets can come with many different options. From the standard wooden pallet to a heat-treated wooden pallet, and now a combo wooden pallet, you have more options than before.

What Is a Combo Pallet

Side by side, a combo pallet may look like an everyday wooden pallet, however, it is so much more than that. A combo pallet is a pallet constructed out of new and old pallet wood. This is why a combo pallet may seem to be different shades of brown or tan. Old pallets are taken apart and recycled or salvaged. The salvaged pieces of wood will then be shipped off to be made into combo pallets. Next to the old wood pieces, new wood parts will be added to ensure it is just as strong and sturdy as any other wooden pallet.

On top of that, combo pallets can still be heat treated. By heat-treating a combo pallet, you are saving wood and making it last longer than normal. In the end, this could save you money and also help the environment. If you are questioning if the used wood can be as strong as just buying a brand-new wooden pallet, it is important to remember that the old wood is inspected and chosen carefully. A combo pallet can have the same strength and durability as a new pallet you could buy elsewhere.

Why Choose a Combo Pallet

If your warehouse is currently using a wooden pallet racking system, then considering changing over or including combo pallets could bring many benefits. Wooden pallets are already cheaper than other options in the business, however, if you change over to combo pallets, you may be saving even more money. Since they are made from salvaged parts, they run cheaper than traditional wooden pallets. This also helps save wood and help the environment in its own way.

With combo pallets being produced from scratch, they can also be customized per order. If you have specific dimensions, you are looking for, a combo pallet could fulfill that wish. This could be extremely helpful if you have thinner rows than normal or even larger rows. Combo pallets are made to order and created from scratch, not repaired.

Like other wooden pallets, you can still heat treat combo pallets. With the new and used wood built together and the addition of heat treatment, you can expect the pallets to last much longer than other wood options.

There are many different options of pallet systems out there. While some may be more beneficial than others depending on the warehouse you run, it is always important to see what is out there. Combo pallets could be the perfect choice for your warehouse.