Why You Should Heat Treat Your Pallets

The pallets used in your warehouse are an integral piece to the running of your business. They help store and organize the product and make it possible to have multiple floors of inventory. With something so important as your pallets, you should want to make sure they are in the best condition they can be. The last thing anyone wants is for them to deteriorate or need to be replaced quicker than they should be.

While keeping your warehouse clean and weather resistant is one way to help your wooden pallets stay in their proper condition, there are other ways too. Heat treating your wooden pallets can give an extra level of security to them and keep them lasting longer. Heat treating also brings an array of other benefits as well.

Keep Out Unwanted Guests

As wood pellets are produced, they are taken from land with growing trees, soil, and moisture. This will cause insects, larvae, and possible fungi to grow within the wood pallets. One of the benefits of getting the pallets heat treated is that those unwanted guests will no longer be there.

If those pests stay in the pallet, it could cause deterioration to the wood over time and also cause harm to the environment around it. Some insects and living creatures can be invasive to other areas and if you are shipping pallets off frequently, you don’t want to be shipping anything that could harm the environment.

Longer Lasting

Of course, one of the biggest benefits to heat treating your warehouse pallets is that they will last longer than just normal wooden pallets. Without heat-treating the pallets, they will take the impact of the elements around them and the moisture built into the pallet will continue to destroy the structure from the inside. Heat treating will take out all of these variables. The moisture is removed, allowing them to last longer and weigh less. This can also lower shipping costs.

Allow for International Shipping

One of the other benefits of heat treating your wooden pallets would be that it allows you to ship your pallets and products internationally. If your warehouse is looking to expand across the globe and you are looking for cost-effective ways to ship around the world, heat-treating could be your answer. With the mix of lower shipping costs from having lighter pallets as well as not having any pesky insects or larvae that could harm the environment, international shipping is possible with heat-treated pallets. Without this treatment, you could be spending more to ship your inventory while also risking the area around your shipment to invasive species.

There are many different materials that pallets can be made out of. Depending on your warehouse and what your inventory is, you may have wood, plastic, or metal. They all come with many benefits and considerations, but if you are utilizing wooden pallets in your warehouse and storing your product, the question of heat treating them or not could be something to think about.